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Real-time adherence
data at your fingertips

What we do?

We are a leading partner to life science companies in solving the problem of medication non-adherence through reliable, customised and user-friendly end-to-end solutions

Our medication
adherence solutions

Monitoring package solutions

Register when every pill is taken
Real-time direct data transfer
No changes to primary packages

User friendly treatment support

No unnecessary reminders
Collect patient diary data
Reminders that stand out

Accessible real-time data overview

Adherence behaviours in real-time
Insights from reliable data
Easy overview or zoom into details

Clinical trials

High statistical power with a smaller patient sample size

Real-time adherence data enabling support and follow up

Increased consistency and traceability through digitalization

Patient support

Material to support discussions and engagement with participants

Increased engagement, customer loyalty and patient insights

Remote interaction and adjustments
of treatment schedules


Guidance and support to take
or give the right dose at the right time

Material to discuss and present
adherence to caretaker or doctor

Registration of when a dose is
taken with no need of manual logging

Only 50% adhere to their medical treatment as prescribed

Non-adherence leads to poor patient health, inadequate data and large unnecessary costs

Mevia has developed innovative solutions to improve, collect and utilise adherence data

Non-adherence leads to poor patient health, inadequate data and large unnecessary costs.

Working with Clinical trials?

Save time, money and paper work

Support and follow adherence behaviours

Maintain statistical power with fewer participants

Working with Patient support programs?

Provide real-time adherence support

Increase well-being and patient safety

Engage and discuss around adherence behaviours

A 1% improvement in adherence gives an average cost saving of 335 700 $ US dollar in clinical trial phase III.

References: M.Alsumidaie (2017) Non-Adherence:
A Direct Influence on Clinical Trial Duration and Cost.
Average cost savings with 1% improved adherence in clinical trials (US dollar)

Why Mevia?

Customised end-to-end solution

We provide an end-to-end solution to help you ensure patient medical adherence

Reliable real-time adherence data

We use patented technology to accurately register when a dose is taken

We assure safety

Our solutions are CE marked, user friendly and child and patient safe.

Let’s improve your
adherence together