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What we do?

We are a leading partner to life science companies in solving the problem of medication non-adherence through reliable, customised and user-friendly end-to-end solutions

Our solutions

Package solutions

Collect reliable real-time adherence data through our smart packaging solutions.
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Application and SMS set up

A user-friendly application and a SMS set-up that helps patients and caretakers to manage, follow and adhere to their medical treatments.
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A digital dashboard for administrative users that gives an overview of real-time adherence data and allows follow-ups of adherence behaviours.field
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Monitoring package solutions

Collect real-time adherence data with our IoT devices for medicine packages that automatically let you know when a medicine dose is taken. Choose between a solution for dose-dispenser and one for pill-blisters. The package solutions can be adapted to fit diverse types of pill-blisters and medicine packages. The devices are easy and safe for patient to use and can include child resistance.
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Application and SMS set up

Provide treatment support to patients with our user friendly application and SMS-set up. It helps patients and caretakers to manage, follow and adhere to their medical treatments. Get it customised to your brand, IT system and to what data you want to collect.
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Data analytics dashboard

Get an overview of real-time adherence data with a digital dashboard. It allows administrative users to follow-up on adherence behaviours and know when extra counselling is needed. Extract customised PDF:s to get accessible material to share.
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An end-to-end solution
to ensure medical adherence

Only 50% adhere to their medical treatment as prescribed. Non-adherence leads to poor patient health, inadequate data and large unnecessary costs. Mevia provide a customised end-to-end solution to ensure patients medical adherence.
Automatically collect real-time adherence data with our package solutions
Track adherence data in Mevia's dashboard
Provide patient support and collect other health data with Mevia's Application

A 1% improvement in adherence gives an average cost saving of 335 700 $ US dollar in clinical trial phase III.

References: M.Alsumidaie (2017) Non-Adherence: A Direct Influence on Clinical Trial Duration and Cost.
Average cost savings with 1% improved adherence in clinical trials (US dollar)

Working with clinical trials or patient support programs?

Reliable real-time adherence data

Use patented technology to accurately register every dose taken
Follow adherence behaviours in real-time
Get data to maintain statistical power with fewer participants

Provide user friendly treatment support

Increase well-being and patient safety
Provide support to increase adherence to treatment
Get material to engage and discuss around adherence behaviours

Digitalise patient diary and data collection

Save time, money and paper work
Increase traceability and easily manage your data
Get the data in real-time and extract customisable PDFs to get actionable insights