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Automated phone calls proved efficient to increase adherence to medication and health outcomes

That is what has been demonstrated by a new study published in The American Journal of Medicine.

For a full year, 782 gout patients received pharmacist-led automated phone calls to keep on using their medicine. The test sample, which was of a similar size, received usual care with no further encouragement to maintain adherence.

After a year of treatment, the percentage of patients in the intervention group to have reached the serum urate concentration goal was double the one in the test group (30% vs 15%).

Moreover, they proved to be 23% more adherent to their treatment, with a score of 50% in the intervention group, as opposed to 37% in the test group.

According to the researchers, while patient engagement has to be improved for the intervention to improve outcomes in a longer time frame, automated phone calls represent a low-tech, low-touch and cost-effective way to improve adherence and health.

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