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Data analytics dashboard

A digital dashboard for administrative users to get an overview of real-time adherence data and allows follow-ups of adherence behaviours

How it works

Patients receive support for their medical treatment via our application or SMS-setup. Within the application, the patient can view scheduled doses and gets reminders via push notification or SMS depending on preferences. It is possible to log medicine intake, experienced symptoms, food intake and other relevant health metrics. Our treatment support is flexible, customisable to what data you want to collect, any existing IT system or other specific needs.
Get an overview of real-time adherence data from several data source options to get actionable insights
Manage dose schedules and reminders
Zoom into patient details and follow their adherence behaviours

How it works

An analytic dashboard with real-time data to follow adherence behaviours and know if any extra counselling is needed. The dashboard lets administrative users manage treatments schedules, zoom into patient details and at the same time get a quick and easy overview.
The data can be extracted to customisable PDF reports with actionable insights. The dashboard can be configured based on 
the different user-authorisations and be integrated into existing 
IT-systems. The data can be collected through the package solutions, application or the SMS set-up.
Overview of real-time data
Several data source options
Actionable insights
Follow adherence behaviours
Zoom into patient details
Manage schedules and reminders

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