At Mevia, we think that there is a solution to every non-adherence issue. That is why our solutions are diverse and can adapt to your needs and your users. Finding the best suited technical solution, data analysis, technical integration and support, we support you at every step of the path to optimal adherence.

Personalized reminders:

We send SMS, E-mail or automated phone call reminders to patients or customers who need assistance to keep on their treatment. They are fully personalized and can work with two way communication: for example, we can send a second SMS if the user does not reply "Taken". Reminders are Mevia's cost-effective and fast solutions to start acting on adherence. 

Smart pill blister:

Eva is designed to support the adherence in patients using oral medication. When the user takes a pill out of the packaging, the corresponding electronic trace breaks and the device transfers the data in real time to the user's App and/or your Hub. 

Data analytics dashboard:

In addition to allowing a follow-up of the adherence behavior of every user, mia Hub crunches the numbers for you and transforms raw, individual adherence data into actionable insights

Mia App, virtual support:

mia App helps patients and/or their closed ones to manage their treatments. It lets users know when they should take a dose and buy a refill, but also empowers the user to improve their adherence with information on their treatment and two-ways communication.

Testing the mevia solution: Case studies.

1. In a home care setting, the platform was used for 21 residents with over 40 home care personnel involved. The residents where distributed as 48% male and 52% female with ages between 75-90.

During the 3-month study, medical deviations decreased from 60 % to 14 % compared to the same period the year before. 

2. Fifteen subjects over 80 years of age  used the platform with placebo in multi dose pouches for 4 weeks. This group of elderly had beforehand been trained in using a smart phone and/or tablet. The communication and reminders were sent to them via the mia App.


With the support of the service the adherence was 87 %. 57 % experienced the services as good or excellent.

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