Mevia GO

Mevia GO can be utilized as an APP or text message set-up. Reminders are sent out from the APP or as text messages. To mark a dose as taken or to log other data, such as food intake, can be done manually in the APP.


What's in it for you?

We all forget things, but let us be there for you with a reminder when it's time for a dose.

Mevia PRO

Mevia PRO comprises Mevia GO together with one of our packaging solutions. Reminders are sent out from the APP or as text messages and the dose is automatically marked as taken in the APP and/or PORTAL. Logging other data, such as food intake is done manually in the APP. Real time data when a pill is taken from the package is automatically registered without the need of any intermediary like internet, bluetooth, NFC, etc.


What's in it for you?

For customers on treatment: No need to register manually that a dose is taken. Easy!

For kindreds: You can be ensured you near and dear one has taken the prescribed dose. We help you release anxiousness due to (non)adherence.

For healthcare actors: You have real time adherence data which can be analyzed and give trustworthy results. No physical papers needed to log the data which means no struggles with different handwritings.


The PORTAL is an add-on to the GO and PRO solutions. The data from the GO or PRO solutions can be registered in the PORTAL and gives the medical supervisor an overview of a patients adherence and other logged data.


What's in it for you?

For healthcare actors: You get an overview of real time data for all patients in a site/clinic. The PORTAL enables material for discussions with patients. Real time data from e.g participants in a clinical trial is shown in the Portal. Enables interaction when needed with the participants. No need of logging data on physical papers which means you save time when analyzing data.

Testing the Mevia solution: Case studies.

1. In a home care setting, the platform was used for 21 residents with over 40 home care personnel involved. The residents where distributed as 48% male and 52% female with ages between 75-90.

During the 3-month study, medical deviations decreased from 60 % to 14 % compared to the same period the year before. 

2. Fifteen subjects over 80 years of age  used the platform with placebo in multi dose pouches for 4 weeks. This group of elderly had beforehand been trained in using a smart phone and/or tablet. The communication and reminders were sent to them via the Mia App.


With the support of the service the adherence was 87%. 57% experienced the services as good or excellent.

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