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Our journey

Mevia is a Gothenburg based company and an innovative partner to life science companies in solving the problem of medication non-adherence through reliable, customised and user-friendly end-to-end solutions


Mevia’s journey began as a spin-off from Chalmers Technical University with a vision to solve the problem of non-adherence


Mevia enters into a collaboration with Jones Healthcare Group. Aiming to bring real-time adherence cards to North-America and Europe.


Mevia’s solutions were first tested in a real-world studies in the UK and Nordics. Showing great customer satisfaction and improving adherence


Mevia integrates with one of the largest CROs globally enabling real-time adherence data in clinical trials, continuing its journey to be a leading adherence partner to different healthcare actors.

Knowing all too well that adhering to medication is a challenge, our ambition is to increase the wellbeing of not only the individual taking the medication but also minimise the burden on relatives, health care professionals or clinical staff. We truly believe that with increased adherence there is a win-win-win for all parties involved in the individual’s wellbeing.
Jesper Hassel, COO and founder

Management team

Mikael Sander

Jesper Hassel
COO and founder

Jesper Lunger

Mevia is a trusted partner to Merck in a global multi-centre clinical study where they support patient adherence and safe data management
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Mevia's collaborative and responsive approach enables us to improve products and services for our customers and their patients
Jones healthcare group

The board

Inger Rydin
Chairman of the board

Per Setterberg
Board member

Jonas Bergman
Board member

Caroline Pamp
Board member

Patrik Sjöstrand
Board member

Catharina Gustafsson
Board member

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