1.4 MSEK received for innovation project

SwelifeWe are proud to be one of the 28 projects to be selected to receive financing from Västra Götalandsregionen and Vinnova. The project is a follow on from an earlier Medtech4Health project. A summary of the project is stated below and you can read about the other projects that have received financing and Swelife here

In the Medtech4Health project – how to use innovative solutions in healthcare of VGR, we have seen that the old routines of assisting people with their medication is outdated and the communication is poor between primary care, home care and assisted living. The biggest problem is that expensive interventions are tested first before alternative solutions are used. The price of dose pouches have dropped significantly the last few years but still nurses spend several hours a month per patient to dispens the drugs in a pill-dispenser, although this can be done automatically at a cost of about 400 SEK per year through automated dose-services. In addition, home care spends many hours supporting and reminding people to take their medications.

In this project, we will identify the needs and develop a solution that will both fit the user as well as well as the other stakeholders and decision makers. After the project, we see good opportunities to get to a product out on the market in Sweden and thereafter the Nordic countries.